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Slightly toned down the heat haze effect on Daymar. Fixed markers not appearing for some delivery and bounty missions. The player should no longer be placed underground after ship cleanup at Lorville. Updated Joker suckerpunch cannon art and created size 1 and 3 variants. The targetting UI should no longer remain on after a target is destroyed. FPS Balance pass for the Karna rifle.

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Chat lines should longer exceed the bounding box of the mobiGlas comms app. Missions Added New Mission Giver: Risposta a una domanda Emulare giochi per 3ds su Tablet android? Added Constellation Phoenix Emerald. Vehicles spawned should no longer appear to move erratically. Updated quantum travel markers. Outsourcing Agent Constantine Hurston.

Added Eclipse, Arrow, and Terrapin to ship scramble race option. Chat lines should longer exceed the bounding box of the mobiGlas comms app. The district also features the Hurston Dynamics Showroom where the latest weapons from the arms manufacturer are proudly on display for purchase. Risposta a una domanda Emulare giochi per 3ds su Tablet android?

Adjusted no-fly zone visual so it should no longer clip into hangars. Wallace Klim Klim is a chemist and a drug dealer found deep within the bowels of Levski.


Star Citizen: il nuovo aggiornamento è disponibile e apporta modifiche al lato tecnico del gioco

Updated Joker suckerpunch cannon art and miperium size 1 and 3 variants. Fonte Games featured in this article Star Citizen News. Zooming while in interaction mode should now be centered on the cursor. Technical Fixed 7 client crashes.

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Vi ricordiamo che Star Citizen è in sviluppo per PC. Segnala abuso Penso che questa domanda violi le Linee guida della community. The admin office at Lorville should now have atmospheric pressure.

NPC s should now be properly be moving in the borehole corridor. Fixed a server crash.

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The Mustang series ships should no longer spawn with the ladder down. Allora, domande mie, Imperium l’hai scaricato o l’hai installato da CD?

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The Arrow turret can no longer be placed onto any weapon hardpoint. Moved interaction nodes on the Reliant to fit with interior changes. Smoothed out AI animation to prevent stair bobbing and teleportation. The Venture Executive flight suit should no longer function as an invisibility suit.


Cloud Imperium Games ha annunciato che la versione alpha 3. Newer ship weapons should now correctly mount and fire in the correct direction in Arena Commander.

The player character should no longer get a boosted jump by jumping a few times in a row.

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Orbital markers OMs should now properly rotate with the parent planetary body. Updated Arrow Arena Commander scoring.

Temporarily disabled the admin at Lorville. Fixed some areas of Lorville L19 that had double gravity. Guns dropped by players should be cleaned up before the next round in Star Marine. Le nintendo sono considerate da bambini? The snow effect on Yela should no longer appear inside outposts and ships.

aggiornamento imperium

Outsourcing Agent Constantine Hurston. Creating 3D icons for mining. Sei sicuro di voler eliminare questa risposta? Proximity alert should no longer cancel the Lorville restricted area warning, causing it to not return.