OEM Instructions

OEM service material, diagrams from parts manuals and more.

Each subject matter is thoroughly researched by accessing research papers from academia and the government, as well as interviews with Master Technicians. Supplementing the OEM material with useful content that the OEMs don’t tell you.

Live Action Video

Watch a peer in action while they explain their tips and techniques.

Video supplements and enhances the knowledge transfer effects from our 3D interactivity.  It is an extremely powerful learning process to watch a peer perform a task and then have the student repeat it in a 3D virtual environment.

3D Virtual Interactivity

Ahead of the competition with real world situations.

A state-of-the-art knowledge transfer technique that clearly demonstrates processes and concepts that are impracticable or impossible to see in a classroom setting. Students manipulate images and practice the process in a virtual world.

Data Capture Training

Change behavior and outcomes to match the needs of the business.

Excellent tools to measure your technicians progress while measuring the effectiveness of the training program. Use that new knowledge to change behavior and outcomes to match the needs of the business.


Fun instruction with competitive challenges.

Game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems. Tapping into our natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression.

Needs Assessment

Working to identify your specific business knowledge needs.

We dig down into work orders, parts utilization, time records and interviews with front line technicians and their managers to ensure that the knowledge transfer program we provide will result in the operational outcomes you want.


Make your training budget go farther and do more.

eLearning doesn’t just significantly reduce costs by virtually eliminating travel expenses and minimizing lost work time.  It allows you to focus expensive traditional classroom training on those subjects that are best suited to the classroom to make it more productive.

Imagine how much more productive your expensive classroom training could be if concepts, processes and other technical knowledge could be provided to your technicians before the class began. Also, imagine the instructor being able to know exactly what the students know (or don’t know) prior to the class so they can tailor the classroom instruction to focus on the needs of that class. Well, you don’t have to imagine that. You can have it with Pro-MECH’s eLearning courses.

Customized training programs to make it yours.

Our eLearning courses can be quickly re-branded as your course for your technicians. We can also add sections to the course that are specific to your equipment, replace our video with one of your lead technician, and other quick modifications to our standard courses allowing us to make a truly customized course at a fraction of the price of building one from scratch.

The Learning Pyramid

Defines the levels of human retention through various methods of teaching. Pro-MECH focuses on the methods within “Practice doing”, supplemented by “Audio-visual and Demonstration” to optimize learning retention.